Accelerating Growth in Shareholder Value

“In today’s turbulent world the competition for capital is intense and demanding. Build a shareholder value proposition that captures investment opportunities.”


Acumen International – building a compelling shareholder value proposition

In today’s turbulent global marketplace ‘time’ is one of your most valuable resources as the imperatives of responding to competitive forces challenges each leader’s ability to anticipate, respond and remain focused on creating accelerated growth in shareholder value, optimised resource utilisation, continuing business resilience and strategic agility.

The Acumen International team of Thought Leaders and Consultants have all experienced this challenge first hand, both within their own businesses and as trusted advisors while assisting clients in designing and executing business interventions that create significant value for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, people withing the business and the extended community.

Acumen International has a proven track record for creating significant return on your time and capital investment through our bespoke business intervention design approach and disciplined engagement of stakeholders.

We avoid the ‘silver bullet’ promotion of generic business fads and assign real value to your investment of time and engagement of key business resources. Our measure of success is the impact of business interventions over time in building shareholder value, mitigating risk and leveraging talent.

The concept of time value of money is critical to our approach in building strategic agility and enabling your business to out think the competition, rather than out price or outpace them.



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