Business Coaching & Mentoring

Gain the edge with business coaching

Acumen International provides a range of business mentors both locally and internationally to improve personal employee and overall business performance. The expert coaching offered by Acumen International can deliver the boost your company needs to succeed by implementing effective business mentoring strategies.

Offering quality business coaching in Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond, Acumen International has a reputation for excellence when it comes to professional business mentoring services.

Business mentoring & coaching to improve outputs

The Business Mentors from Acumen International aim to improve an executive’s effectiveness in their work environment as well as in their personal life. It is about tapping into the executive’s potential and improving their capability and performance, as well as the overall output and performance of the entire company.

By coaching business executives on how to improve their leadership confidence and effectiveness, your company will experience a growth in output and effectiveness which will lead to success.

Achieve targets set by your expert business coach

Common targets set out by the professional Acumen International business mentors for the executive to remember are:

  • Demonstrating discipline in scheduling time to think strategically and focus on the urgent and important
  • Creating strategic insight and acuity
  • Bridging the void between strategy and execution
  • Building strategic agility
  • Connecting to my team better so that I have more time
  • Systems and processes to lift me out of the daily grind
  • A structure that supports growth while maintaining resilience
  • Discipline to be consistent with my team so that I can continue to create opportunities I see in the market
  • What is my exit plan?
  • Am I focusing on the right stuff?
  • Learning how to out-think the competition

Your Acumen International business coach will serve as facilitator, motivator, consultant and sounding board, enabling you to adopt behavioural changes in order to lift overall business performance. They work with you as a team, and can provide an accountability mechanism which will effectively increase the efficiency of your office. The Acumen International Business Mentoring program is made up of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a business coach and an executive. Some sessions may involve the executive’s team if relevant.

Acumen has a vast network of past graduates of our executive business coaching programs as customers throughout Brisbane, Melbourne and across Australia. We are able to bring the rich learning and relationships necessary to maximise potential and nurture a successful company to the forefront, so as to continue to enhance your personal and company performance.

Find the value in business mentoring services

Executives find business coaching and mentoring valuable because it focuses on improving personal and business performance. Acumen International’s business coaches recognise:

  • There is often ‘loneliness’ at the top of the corporate hierarchy thus business mentors act as a confidential and honest sounding board
  • Time away from the desk provides valuable time to think, reflect and contemplate strategies, which can provide more effective paths forward – This is especially important in today’s fast changing environment
  • It doesn’t take executives away from the work environment for extended blocks of time thus maintaining output efficiency
  • It can reinforce learning from development programs and help ensure relevant learning is put into practice
  • It can help your star performers (A-grade players) develop more faster and more efficiently
  • It can bring executive performance back on track to excel (B-grade players moving up to A-grade players)
  • It enhances decision making capabilities and priority management abilities

So whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne or throughout the country, when you need professional and proven business mentors and small business coaching services, you need Acumen International.

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