Thought Leader Publications

“It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows –  Epictetus (c. 55-135 ce).”

Acumen International offers entrepreneurs, CEOs and corporate business leaders a diverse range of proven business interventions. These interventions have been designed and developed to enhance global competitiveness and create shareholder value through accelerated growth and increased profitability.

Acumen International can extend your strategic thinking ‘executive bench’ – through an engagement of a collaborative team of inspired thought leaders, business strategists and consultants  with extensive experience and deep domain knowledge relevant to your real-world business contexts.




Each thought leader combines commercial market experience and the deep thinking required to establish and sustain the advantages for our customers. Repeatable growth cycles, while maintaining the control points of the business as it evolves through experience, change, learning and capability development.

Some thought leadership publications ;

Tom McKaskill

  1. Ultimate Growth Strategies
  2. Ultimate Exits
  3. Ultimate Exits – Workbook
  4. Ultimate Acquisitions
  5. Raising Finance
  6. Invest to Exit
  7. Angel Investing
  8. Growth Article – Ask Your Customer
  9. Growth Article – Clear Vision
  10. Growth Article – Compelling Need to Buy
  11. Growth Article – Transaction Velocity

As a serial entrepreneur, consultant, educator and author, Tom is an established authority on how successful entrepreneurs start, develop and harvest their ventures – you can learn  more about Tom here.

Linda Schaffer-Vanaria

  1. Piloting Your Edge