Dr Tony Golsby-Smith

“Redefining the way organisations think and communicate in order to thrive and to serve their communities.”


Tony’s professional experience is comprised of vast landscape ranging across public and private sectors, stretched across a quarter of a century, up and down the management tree from front line workers to CEOs and Boards of Directors.

Tony is the current CoFounder and Chairman of Second Road. Tony’s aim for Second Road has been to redefine the way organisations think and communicate in order to thrive and to serve the communities to which they owe their existence. His love of both structure and chaos gives him an uncanny ability to draw pictures of heavy intellectual subjects.

Tony has been successfully working with large organisations as a management consultant since 1986.

He specialises in helping organisations think together more effectively. Over the years he has developed powerful and profound models and tools that he uses in this task. He discovered that design is an often overlooked – but key – element in leading organisations.

In 1995 he was appointed as visiting Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and held the Nierenberg Chair of Design at this university during his appointment. He is currently a Director of Second Road Pty Ltd.

Tony’s doctoral thesis, The Art of Strategic Conversations, is a seminal work that writes about how organisations need to look for alternative pathways to analysis and other traditional scientific methods in order to solve major problems and drive forward to creative futures.

Tony has pioneered the application of design thinking to organisational problems, and is among the world’s leading innovators in applying design to broader applications. He masterminded the establishment of the Integrated Administrative Design function in the Australian Taxation Office and is continuing to help clients discover and apply the power of design.

Tony works extensively in bringing strategic thinking capabilities to organisations, and argues that design is the natural partner of strategy – the key to implementation.