Our Value Proposition

“Acumen International offers a trusted strategic partnership supported by experienced thought leaders and consultants focused on creating accelerated growth in shareholder value and business resilience enabled through exceptional strategic agility”


“Through the creation of a new level of strategic thinking Acumen International provided the catalyst for Stellar to build an Ideal Customer persona and in turn fundamentally shift our customer acquisition and delivery capability away from traditional commodity buyers and towards high value customers in fertile markets.” John Hollingsworth – CEO Stellar.

Acumen International works with CEOs and business leaders to enable them and their people to out-think the competition and create exceptional growth in shareholder value. Our experienced global team of thought leaders,experienced consultants and coaches extends your ‘bench’ and through adaptation of our proven business interventions guides you build competitive edge and investor attractiveness.

We are passionate about working with you and your leadership team out-think and outpace the competition;

– Enabling strategic insight and executive alignment
– Developing speed of strategic thinking and decision making
– Sharing business interventions that enable execution alignment and speed
– Providing coaching and mentoring focused on authentic leadership that builds success through its talented people and optimised resources



Our Customer Value Proposition (CVP) goes beyond getting the basics done.

1. Revenue

2. Cost

– The Basics – It is comparatively easy to build revenue and decrease costs, but these strategies alone do not create long-term business success.


3. Risk

  1. – Risk – enhance business resilience by managing and reducing your business risk

4. Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  1. – SCA – build and execute the strategies for sustainable competitive advantage

5. Thinking Capability

  1. – Thinking capability (intellectual capital) – build your thinking capability to master the business environment

6. Strategic Alertness

  1. – Strategic alertness – develop your strategic alertness, which enables superior decision-making in taking your business forward

7. Investor Attractiveness

  1. – Investor attractiveness – create sustainable growth that enhances your business value


“Going above and beyond”




  • – We will also work with you to develop your own CVP.
  • – How do you develop a CVP that differentiates your business and ensures long-term customer retention in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace?
  • – It is no longer enough to provide a quality product; almost everyone can do that!
  • – The organisation that differentiates itself by providing the highest levels of customer value will impact positively on future business through customer retention and referral, which in turn leads to high value being placed on your brand.