Executive Acumen

“Build Resilience, Grow Shareholder Value.”

Acumen International’s flagship Executive Program is Executive Acumen.

Working on your environment, your business, your challenges, your people. OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITION.



Key benefits

  • – 1:1 Business Reality Check
  • – Top Team engagement in your business
  • – Acceleration of growth in shareholder wealth
  • – Increased revenue and profits
  • – Develop strategic agility
  • – Increased market penetration
  • – Build sustainable competitive advantage
  • – Develop an enterprise culture
  • – Performance management with accountability
  • – Build strategic alliances
  • – Develop trusted business network
  • – Proven financial for fast growth
  • – Benchmarking against best business practice
  • – Proven strategic business plan
  • – Performance management based on Balanced Scorecard
  • – Defined exit strategy or succession plan
  • – Integrated plan for strategy implementation and tracking



The bottom line is that business models and mindsets need to be challenged and evolved through innovation driven by strategic insight and courage.

The Executive Acumen Program will provide a living laboratory where you can work ON your business in partnership with experienced thought leaders and trusted participant business colleagues who share a commitment to challenge the future of your business.

The program content is based on over 21 years of deep experience working with over 450 CEO Executive Acumen graduates across all industries from entrepreneurial start-ups to globally challenged corporations.

Our collaborative team of inspired thought leaders bring extensive experience in global markets and deep domain knowledge that reflects a pragmatic understanding of real world business contexts.

The interactive mix of face-to-face group sessions, online dialogue and web-based materials will equip you with the business interventions and thinking tools to engage your leaders and out-think the competition.

A comprehensive array of business diagnostics will examine all facets of your business DNA to identify opportunities to innovate, challenge and transform your business.

The program will challenge you to critically evaluate mindsets to discard outdated thinking frames and ignite dynamic methods of strategic thinking which will enable insightful decision making and the agility to gain first mover advantage.

You will be challenged to expose blind spots and develop personal mastery through rigorous engagement and disciplined participation where trust drives authentic leadership behaviours.

You will come to deeply understand yourself and your business, how to create leadership edge and an enterprise culture that is measured by passion for creating the future, unity of commitment, accountability for outcomes and purposeful meaning.