Executive Coaching Australia

Professional executive coaching services to boost your leadership success

Acumen International’s Executive Coaching Services aim to improve an executive’s effectiveness in their work environment, as well as their personal life. It is about tapping into the executive’s potential and improving capability and performance. Offering expert executive coaches to Brisbane and Melbourne, Acumen International has got the executive coaches Australia can depend on.

Australian Executive Coaching Targets

Common target areas of our executive coaching services are:

  • – Leadership enhancement
  • – Strategic thinking and development
  • – Strategy execution
  • – Building a strongly positive culture
  • – Improved business performance and investor attractiveness
  • – Personal mastery

Executive coaches Australia wide serve as facilitators, motivators, consultants and sounding boards to enable change in behaviour that lifts performance. They work with you as a team and can provide an accountability mechanism, effectively seeing your work output enhance.

Our executive coaching program usually consists of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a coach and an executive. Some sessions may involve the executive’s team if relevant.

Value of executive coaches in Melbourne, Brisbane & Australia

By focussing on improving both personal and business performance, executive coaching is a valuable asset to any company or executive.

The executive coaching services offered by Acumen International are valuable as they recognise:

  • – There is often ‘loneliness’ at the top of a corporate hierarchy, and coaches can act as a confidential and honest sounding board
  • – Time outside the doing of work provides valuable time to think, reflect and contemplate, which can provide more effective paths forward – This is especially important into today’s fast changing environment
  • – It doesn’t take executives away from the work environment for extended blocks of time
  • – It can reinforce learning from development programs and help ensure relevant learning is put into practice
  • – It can help your star performers (A-grade players) develop more quickly and efficiently
  • – It can bring executive performance back on track (B-grade players up to A-grade players)
  • – It enhances decision making and priority management capabilities

If you are looking for a seasoned, pragmatic and results driven executive coach in Melbourne or Brisbane, Acumen International is for you.

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