Our Thought Leaders

“Leveraging global thought leadership and an extensive experience bank that challenges you to look deeper into your business, your challenges, your people and your environment.”


Acumen International experienced and pragmatic thought leaders are both locally and internationally recognised for their proven insights and focus on the key success domains of business intervention.

Our collaborative circle of thought leaders have a proven track record of running businesses that allow them to connect to the issues you face. This creates the unique value proposition for our customers – the outcome is the goal, rather than a ‘sticking’ to process, theoretical practices or case studies, we change the way we design, content, contact and the context of delivery and timing for our customer. We believe that if we establish the greatest behavioural flexibility, challenge individual and group thinking mindsets through thought leadership integrated with the extensive pragmatic experience of over 30 years we can craft success.

We create your ability to OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITION by taking a unique overall position in the four oversupplied markets;

1. Business Diagnostics that create compelling insights into your business. We don’t just focus on the industry standard insights, we are interested in understanding and design interventions to overcome the core issues beneath the surface. Some of our insights range from;

  1. – Strategic Thinking Agility
  2. – Organisational DNA
  3. – Cultural Architecture
  4. – Innovation Readiness
  5. – Governance Risk
  6. – Customer Engagement
  7. – Leadership & Team Profile


2. Executive Programs For over 30 years Acumen International has been creating capability in Leadership Acumen both publicly and privately. With over 450 public graduates plus many more private customer graduates, we develop a personalised pathway for both the performer as well as the business. This allows the language of business thinking to align within all areas of the hierarchy. Unlike the major commodity educators who provide theory logic, we don’t use case studies which are not relevant to your environment, we have YOU craft and design your own Strategic Agility Plan with the help of a small group of like minded leaders;

  1. Masters Acumen
  2. Executive Acumen
  3. Strategic Acumen
  4. Business Acumen
These programs are conducted publicly to limited applicants. Privately, programs are crafted after the diagnostic and intervention design are complete.


** The Learning Academy For customers with whom we have a strategic relationship, we also design a unique internal learning proposition for employee’s, creating an ‘In-house Academy’ that delivers the leadership style, personality and cultural energy that business needs to win.


3. Engagement Model With our team and extended ‘bench strength’ of Thought Leaders we provide three key elements to ensure the intervention is a success in your environment, your business, your challenge, your people.

  1. Business Intervention
  2. – Board Advisory
  3. Study Tours
  4. Executive Coaching
  5. – Business Consulting
  6. Facilitation


Acumen International is about bringing a unique blend of learning, insight, personal, advice and action. It is about your situation and what you need to do to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

If you are looking for a pragmatic proven approach, please contact us at;

1st Floor, 143 Coronation Drive
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Mb: 0419 224 152

Or simply send us a note at [email protected]