Public Speaking

“Create the environment for you and your team to win. Start now.”

Acumen International provides and facilitates a range of seminars using its experience and thought leaders. 


Acumen International has been driven to take leading thinking and deconstruct it into meaningful, relevant and timely so that our customers are OUT-THINKING THE COMPETITION. With so much information being provided from so many sources, Acumen uses its unique experience, local and global thought leaders and strategic partners to create the right fit to your environment, your business, your challenges and your people.



  1. – Creating strategic agility in a turbulent world
  2. – Designing the cultural architecture to capture and enable the brightest and best talent
  3. – Defining the Game of Business
  4. – Strategic thinking – making it dynamic and accountable
  5. – Leading on the Edge
  6. – Presence – The Attractive Leader
  7. – The Communication Relationship – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  8. – Marketing TLC fo Sustainable Sales
  9. – Predictive Intelligence – Anticipating Emerging Patterns
  10. – Business Resilience & Performance Management
  11. – Investor Attractiveness, Creating Shareholder Value



With 30 years delivering value for our customers, serving over 700 customers creating unique business interventions. Executive Programs that have been running for over 21 years, supporting the learning capability of over 300 CEO’s, MD and Entrepreneurs, using Business Diagnostics to creating compelling insights and a shared vision and need for change.


We can design the right environment for you to win.

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