Our History

“For 30 years Acumen International has provided our customers with trusted advice, thought leadership and the capability to out-think the competition in our fast changing global business environment”


Greg Loudoun founded Acumen in 1989 to provide entrepreneurial business owners and corporate leaders access to thought leaders and trusted advisors who had proven experience in the real world of competitive global business. .

  1. – We have served over 700 customers creating unique business interventions.
  2. – Our https://www.acumenintl.com.au/our-approach/engagement-model/executive-coaching/ have been running for over 21 years.
  3. – We have supported the learning capability of over 450 CEOs, MDs and Entrepreneurs through our public Executive Acumen program. We have served many more with the private programs we have crafted.
  4. – Our Business Diagnostics & Intervention Designs have been running for 30 years.
  5. – Our Advisory, Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting have served more that 3000 leaders.



Our people define our character – trusted advisors who are energetic about supporting and challenging our customers with rigour and integrity. We are passionate about building shared success with stakeholders in everything we do.

We enable collaborative spirit through our trusted network of experienced and pragmatic thought leaders to significantly enhance the strategic agility of our customers.

Our values are the essence of our purpose and include authenticity and integrity with deep commitment to our customers, their stakeholders and to the community we are privileged to contribute and influence.

We have a deep belief in the creative power of individuals and teams and provide proven business interventions to unlock this thinking potential within organisations.

Greg Loudoun

Greg Loudoun is the founder and CEO of Acumen International and is the author of the Executive Acumen program. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and executive in major corporations. His successful entrepreneurial career started when he founded Datarom, Computer Maintenance of Australia then subsequently Acumen International. Greg, a former YPO leader realised the value in designing and delivering a personalised, unique customer intervention through creating strategic agility for large multinationals and SMEs both in Australia and in International markets.

Greg is a sought-after international speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship with a pragmatic view of developing strategic competence and profitable business growth. Greg has assisted many CEOs and business owners in developing compelling strategic thinking and insight leading to a sustained competitive advantage. Greg has authored business interventions, diagnostics and programs that accelerate commercialisation and build investor attractiveness.