Martyn McKean


“Thinking comes first – You must OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITION.”


Our business is differentiated from competitors through its people and their effectiveness in crafting breakthrough business interventions based on thought leadership that are relevant to our customers and the context of their existing and future business.


Martyn is a specialist in aligning Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with business strategy and execution. He started his career as a software engineer working for the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation.

Martyn’s entrepreneurial spirit started in the late 1990s when he co-founded a software company focusing on innovative software solutions for Big Data. He was instrumental in directing the company’s growth from a literal garage beginning to a very successful international company with offices in Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo and New York in only a few years. He moved to San Francisco as Director and CEO of the company and quickly learnt the lessons of a fast growing IT company in Silicon Valley. Martyn sold his interest in his company and moved back to Australia where he was asked to run a Managed Services company and create the strategy and execution model to grow the business. Martyn now focuses on helping high-growth SMEs align their business strategy
and execution with ICT.