Greg Loudoun

“Thinking comes first – You must OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITION.”


Our business is differentiated from competitors through its people and their effectiveness in crafting breakthrough business interventions based on thought leadership that are relevant to our customers and the context of their existing and future business.


Greg thrives at the intersection of commercial market value and thought leadership through pragmatic and proven interventions.


Greg is the founder and CEO of Acumen International and is the author of the Executive Acumen program. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and executive manager in major corporations.

His successful entrepreneurial career has spanned some 35 years during which he founded Datarom, Computer Maintenance of Australia, Acumen Pty Ltd and Acumen International.

During the past 25 years with Acumen he has honed his skills as a practicing business development consultant working with large multinationals and SMEs in both Australian and international markets.

Greg is a sought-after international speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship with a pragmatic view of developing strategic competence and profitable business growth. He is a practicing business coach and has assisted many CEOs and business owners in developing strategic competence and profitable business growth.

Greg has authored business interventions, diagnostics and programs for technology and agribusiness entrepreneurs that accelerate commercialisation and build investor attractiveness.