Our Philosophy

Acumen International has developed its reputation over 30 years through consistent commitment to our philosophy of integrating global thought leadership, disciplined engagement and investment in deep understanding of our customer’s business contexts.

Acumen International’s team of trusted advisors and experienced consultants offers entrepreneurs, CEOs and corporate business leaders a diverse range of proven business interventions. These interventions have been designed and developed to enhance global competitiveness and create shareholder value through accelerated growth and increased profitability.




It addresses all the critical characteristics of business success and resilience. These factors have been identified in academic research and proven through our significant consulting experience in enhancing business capability. Each of the seven residential stages of the Executive Acumen program has been coordinated into a rigorous year-long learning journey that provides progressive insights into your business’s potential.


The business interventionists who lead the Executive Acumen program are thought leaders in their areas of expertise whilst also being grounded in the practical aspects of business. They are at the leading edge of business knowledge and thinking.

It brings together a forum of business owners and senior executives from different industries that allows for open and frank discussion based on broad experience in the business world. Participants also build a valuable business network through dialogue both during the program and for life.

Our comprehensive suite of diagnostics provides insight into your present personal and business performance, while providing guidance for future action.


Your enhanced thinking and business understanding is put into action by working on your own business, so it goes way beyond just ‘knowing something in your head’ or working on case studies. It is this ‘transfer of learning’ into your business reality that truly builds capability, shareholder value and business resilience.

The output of the program is a comprehensive strategic business plan, with feedback from an advisory board of successful business executives.

Acumen International brings together its pragmatic experience and leverages the capabilities of an accomplished and professional team of business strategists and thought leaders.




We thrive at the intersection of your commercial market impact and the thought leadership required to establish and sustain the advantage. Repeatable growth cycles, while maintaining the control points of the business as it evolves through experience, change, learning and capability development.

We do this through tried and tested ‘hands-on’ practical, pragmatic techniques used over the past 30 years with over 700 of our customers.