Design and Build a Culture of Innovation

Acumen International – An enterprise culture that has an aligned purpose.

Maintaining competitive advantage demands investment in strategic alertness and anticipation of changing customer needs in our fast moving global marketplace. Innovation is seen by many as a ‘silver bullet’ to gain competitive advantage however the reality in many firms is that this espoused aspiration is often drowned in ‘busyness’.

Acumen International’s team of experienced consultants will assist you to design and enable a culture of innovation that aligns with your strategic intent and continually challenges the targets for innovation:

  1. – Industry defining Business Model design
  2. – Global networks and alliances
  3. – Designing value enabling processes
  4. – Optimising core business processes
  5. – Crafting enhanced product performance
  6. – Redefining differentiated product systems
  7. – Designing uncontested value innovation
  8. – Revolutionising channel extension and supply chain disintermediation
  9. – Transforming brand positioning
  10. – Designing meaningful customer experience that creates engagement and loyalty


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