Christian Larsen


“Thinking comes first – You must OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITION.”


Our business is differentiated from competitors through its people and their effectiveness in crafting breakthrough business interventions based on thought leadership that are relevant to our customers and the context of their existing and future business.


Christian is an experienced executive and company director who has dedicated the past 25 years to successfully extending, growing and commercialising service and technology offerings within the mining technology and services sector.

He has over 15 years of management experience with skills and achievements in designing and executing strategy, implementing corporate change, developing new business, raising capital for expansion and acquisitions, finding and acquiring companies, integrating acquisitions, commercialising new products and fostering governance and investor relations. Christian’s career has been with Runge Ltd, a leading mining services company that provides software, technical consulting and training to mining companies. He was instrumental in seeing the Company grow from a small domestic start-up to a listed global company with 22 offices in 12 countries. From 1996, Christian led the development of corporate strategy which sent the company on a path of globalisation. To execute this strategy he was the executive in charge of seven acquisitions and their subsequent integration, bringing in private equity to fund the acquisitions and then exiting the private equity via a public listing.

Christian is currently director of an ASX listed company and chairman of a SME in the resource supply sector and also holds a ministerial appointment to the Department of Industry and Innovation. The mining services industry is comprised of many small innovative companies. He is an acknowledged leader within his industry brining companies together to collaborate and win projects all over the world. Christian’s formal education was received from the University of Queensland and includes Bachelor of Engineering (Hons Mining), and Master of Business Administration.