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BUSINESS INTERVENTION as a methodology is constantly evolving as new perspectives and insights are developed by research groups, academic institutions, corporations, and the media. As we develop and test new theories, crystallise key components of our methodology, and uncover emerging best practices, we actively seek opportunities to explore and expand our thinking.

We are always assessing and searching commercial and community opportunities.

We therefore want to extend an open invitation to individuals and organizations to explore your opportunities. Each interaction helps further our efforts to formalize the discipline to allow our customers to OUT-THINK THE COMPETITION.

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Some our clients thoughts;


From our Executive Acumen program graduates – “It allowed me to look deeper into my business” … “It created a different way of thinking” … “It allowed us time to work ON our businesses” … “The ease of contact with each other and the thought leaders was a real benefit”






“Acumen International, through the Executive Acumen program and other business interaction, has provided THG with cutting-edge thought leadership. Acumen has been the catalyst to changing the way we think about and perform business. Our organisation has experienced a successful and exciting journey into the future.”

Tim Connolly




“It does not matter who you are or what you do, you will benefit from [participating in Executive Acumen]. We found the program excellent and will make it part of our ongoing leadership program.”

Peter Hinson




“In early 2011, The Maura Fay Group undertook a strategic redirection designed to increase profitability, leverage quality and be far more nimble around the constant changes in client needs.  During the planning for the change, we contracted Wade Keenan as a business coach and strategic consultant.

It is without question, that Wade’s involvement had a significant impact on the way we approached the strategy and how well prepared we were for the challenging discussions about direction and focus.  His approach is characterised by simple models, clear explanations, efficiency and unwavering focus.   Wade’s exacting expectations served to stretch each individual beyond what they thought they were capable of in both thinking and behaviour.

Wade ‘rattled our cages’.  He used a masterful balance  of challenge and encouragement, asking questions that shifted perspective, offering comments that made the invisible at times uncomfortably visible and unearthing assumptions and habits too deeply ingrained to be recognisable by those ‘in the game’.  Yet at no time did we feel that our own best interests were not at the heart of every interaction.

Wade worked not only on systemic process gaps, but also coached on leadership behavioural modelling and strategic communication to engage our staff to the change.  His diagnostic skills were both business and individually focused, quickly recognising the skills to leverage in each individual. This rare ability to adapt his personal style to draw out and address the needs of each executive is what makes him different from other strategy consultants we have worked with in the past.

Once on a path with Wade, there is no room for mediocrity.  Our business now fully believes it can redefine itself within the industry and our people truly live and breathe the values of the organisation.

Wade’s work ethic is beyond question, the return on investment is measurable not just in results but also in the development of the people he works with.  We would personally recommend Wade without reservation.

Janet McCulloch on behalf of the Leadership Team of The Maura Fay Group”




“Executive Acumen is an exceptional program for business executives – particularly those operating in the SME space.

Many academic features of a University MBA, combined with the real-world experience of Acumen founder, Greg Loudoun, and the other outstanding presenters, give it value far beyond similar programs I have attended before.

Over the course of a year, participants are exposed to a comprehensive range of skills needed to be successful – from leadership, strategic planning and innovation to marketing, management accounting and principles of organisational behaviour. At the end of the course these are combined in a practical way through development and presentation of a formal plan for each participant’s specific business.

The opportunity to road-test ideas, with the help of fellow participants and presenters from diverse backgrounds, exposes each person to new ways of thinking and doing things. By the end of my course I found our group had developed far more insight into important aspects of our businesses and a greater willingness to challenge some of the conventions we had been working under. At the same time most of us also acquired a greater appreciation of how to think outside the box without losing the ability to judge which ideas were really capable of making a difference.

Given my decade-long background in executive roles in law firms – which are not generally thought of as being open to new ideas – I found this quite fascinating.   As a commercial lawyer with over 2O years’ partnership experience in major law firms, Executive Acumen was also a terrific opportunity to work at a different level with companies of the kind I have traditionally acted for, and to gain an understanding of the complexity of some of the less obvious challenges facing their owners and managers. Finally, as an investor, the course gave me a valuable tool-kit to test the various private equity opportunities which come my way.

All of this is perhaps an interesting perspective from an intellectual point of view – and the course is well worthwhile in terms of its educational aspects alone – but business people generally need to justify in financial terms the investment of time and money required. Perhaps what was most impressive about Executive Acumen were the many examples of significant improvements in financial performance by companies which had an owner or CEO complete it – and of those companies sending other senior executives to later programs.”

Ian Hughes, Special Counsel