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“Confront challenges, be bold and passionate about change.”

Acumen International is always looking for talented people to work with.

BUSINESS INTERVENTION as a methodology is constantly evolving as new perspectives and insights are developed by research groups, academic institutions, corporations, and the media. As we develop and test new theories, crystallise key components of our methodology, and uncover emerging best practices, we actively seek opportunities to explore and expand our own thinking.

One size does not fit all.

We therefore want to extend an open invitation to individuals and organizations to collaborate with us to further explore your ideas. This collaboration can take many forms, from an engaging phone conversation or discussion over lunch to a joint research study or shared consulting engagement. Each interaction helps further our efforts to formalize the discipline to allow our customers to OUT-THINK THE COMPETITION.

If you are looking for a role to play or to collaborate with us please contact us at;

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Mb: 0419 224 152

Or simply send us a note at [email protected]