Dr Courtney Price

“Answering the The Most Asked Questions From Entrepreneurs.”


Courtney is president of the Entrepreneurial Education Foundation, and founder of Metropolitan State College’s Institute of Entrepreneurship in Denver, Colorado.

Courtney’s Scripps Howard syndicated column Entrepreneurs Ask, appears in more than 400 newspapers nationwide. She is the author of 10 books on entrepreneurship, many of which are used both in college courses and by practicing entrepreneurs.

Dr Price Answers The Most Asked Questions From Entrepreneurs, published by McGraw-Hill, has been touted by The Wall Street Journal as the definitive book on entrepreneurship. In 1993, she received the Edwin M. Appel Prize from the Price-Babson College Fellows Program for bringing entrepreneurial vitality to academia. As president of the Entrepreneurial Education Foundation (EEF) Courtney oversees a foundation whose mission is to enable entrepreneurs to succeed through innovative and proven educational programs.

Courtney started her entrepreneurial career at an early age while becoming a double sliver medalist for the US Figure Skating Association. She began brokering hand-knitted ice skating skirts and sweaters for mums as gifts to their daughters. After graduating from college and working in the corporate world she started an income-property business, owning duplexes and apartment buildings.

Since then, Courtney has acquired interests in a construction company, a hotel and four restaurants. She has started and managed a business consulting firm and a publishing company. Courtney received her BS and MBA degrees from the University of Colorado and PhD from the University of Colorado at Denver.