David Austin

“To survive the present a company must meet the demanding task, through its people, of being an efficient operator of its assets. The pace of change means that to go on surviving, a company must simultaneously be an innovative creator of new assets. These tasks require conflicting talents and yet a single CEO has the responsibility to help his or her organisation to excel at both.”


David Austin’s specialty is to combine the demands of operational effectiveness with a relentless search for innovation.


David combines unusual energy and enthusiasm with the practical experience of having delivered results repeatedly. While still in his twenties he started his first significant company in Singapore designing and manufacturing industrial optical scanners.

He then completed an MBA at the Melbourne Business School while working as Major Account Manager at HEWLETT PACKARD and went on to become a shareholder and managing director in an Australian software venture that he was responsible for taking into Asia based in Hong Kong.

David then went on to run the Asia Pacific operations of the world leader in Engineering Automation software, CONCENTRA. When Concentra was sold to Oracle, globally, he took the opportunity to return to Melbourne.

David was appointed to run MOLDFLOW, the world leader in plastic flow simulation and when Moldflow listed on the NASDAQ, he took a sabbatical before deciding on his next move.

Today David combines the roles of Consultant, Mentor, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur. He is an adjunct lecturer to the Melbourne Business School of Melbourne University and is Managing Director of Bailey Austin Strategic Innovation Partners Pty Ltd.

Clients cover Engineering Consulting, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Petrochemicals, Legal and ICT. David is an occasional contributor to BRW magazine.

David has been a benefactor and personal contributor to “Breaking the Cycle” a charity dedicated to helping long term unemployed youth get their lives back on track.